Getting ready for 2022!

Planning for the Foster Fourte Family Reunion 2022 in San Diego is underway! Our reunion committee (so far) includes six of us:

Lisa Wells, Fatima Dodson, Diana Fourte-Johnson, Mellodie Fogg, Kindra Fudge and me (Omar Passons)

We’d love to recruit more people to help with specific things like staying in touch with family in your different cities, encouraging young people to write blog posts of this site, or even coming out for a scouting trip!

The top two requests for the next reunion are fun activities and connecting with family – so that’s where we’ll focus. Great food was next on the list, so that will get some attention, too!

Have a look around, familiarize yourself with the site, and get ready for a great Family Reunion in 2022!

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