Finally!! Together at last in San Diego!

Download the Reunion Itinerary:


After many months, a global pandemic, the mourning of those who have passed and the celebration of new beginnings, we are finally ready to have the Foster Fourte Family Reunion! The dates are June 24th to June 26th, 2022 and the reunion hotel is the Hilton San Diego Bayfront (book here). While San Diego is beautiful, that beauty comes at a bit of a cost, so the hotel is a bit pricey. To account for that, we are constantly looking for ways to help save on other aspects of the weekend as a whole! There is great food at low cost in San Diego – world famous for a range of Mexican cuisine. And because it is the capital of great, warm, mild weather, we will be able to do things together that aren’t super expensive.

Most importantly, of course, is that we will have time to connect, time to reflect, and time to celebrate each other. Keep an eye out for more details and of course feel free to email to with questions.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

It’s time! Happy Holidays and Reunion Update

We’ve tallied the votes, reviewed everyone’s feedback, and done the research…now let’s do this! Foster Fourte Family Reunion 2022 Committee is ready for YOU! The Reunion is June 24 – 26, 2022

San Diego is, of course, beautiful. But it will be made that much more special by bringing family together for a wonderful time of fellowship and fun in the sun. Read the original post HERE. Now for the key details:

  • Book your hotel! [COMING SOON] Click HERE to book your Hilton San Diego Bayfront stay today.
  • Full and Partial Dues Payment! Click HERE to pay your dues in full OR set up your first partial payment HERE. FIRST DUES MILESTONE DATE: JANUARY 10, 2022.
  • Send your family photo! Email your favorite family photo to Label the subject with YOUR family name (example “Bernard and Lisa Wells Family Photo”) then add the full names (in order on photo), birthdays, major events, and favorite family memory to the email. [There will be a PRIZE and CONTEST involving the photos at the reunion – you have to enter to play]
  • Remind your cousins. We all got cousins who don’t check (or have) email or Facebook. Please, please, please text or call or remind them at church that it is time! We want a big showing from the Foggs of Minnesota to the Dodsons of Texas and Arkansas and everywhere across the country!

Foster Fourte 2022 Reunion Committee

Getting ready for 2022!

Planning for the Foster Fourte Family Reunion 2022 in San Diego is underway! Our reunion committee (so far) includes six of us:

Lisa Wells, Fatima Dodson, Diana Fourte-Johnson, Mellodie Fogg, Kindra Fudge and me (Omar Passons)

We’d love to recruit more people to help with specific things like staying in touch with family in your different cities, encouraging young people to write blog posts of this site, or even coming out for a scouting trip!

The top two requests for the next reunion are fun activities and connecting with family – so that’s where we’ll focus. Great food was next on the list, so that will get some attention, too!

Have a look around, familiarize yourself with the site, and get ready for a great Family Reunion in 2022!